6 Ways To Make Money On The Side

I have been so absent from my blog recently because the stuff I have been writing just has not been very suitable to post (unless you guys want to read all of my final papers for my class!)  I am working behind the scenes on so many large projects so I will have a plethora of solid content out soon.  (I am making a bold assumption to think that my followers are actually missing me put content out multiple times a week.  Maybe I think to highly of myself.)

One of the major reasons that I have been absent is that I have been work, work, working away at so many things (including a 25 page research paper that may be the cause of my demise).  Between school and my many side hustles, life has gotten crazy.  A week from now, I will be on winter break from school and writing will be my main focus again. (YAY!!!)

I have honestly been raking in so much money over the past couple of weeks so I really wanted to share how I am doing it!  It is always nice to have a little extra cash flowing in.  Sometimes you just need that extra cash to cover some holiday expenses or a big trip (and other times you’re in college and you need the extra cash just to afford to eat.)

The only “real” jobs I have had were a nannying job and internships, yet I have managed to have a steady income.  How do I do it? I am the Queen of Side Hustle.  I book my schedule full of odd jobs.  While most of my odd jobs do happen to be babysitting jobs, at this moment, I do work other side jobs!

Here are some side hustles you could use to make your spare time a little more productive:


Tutoring!  These days, tutoring facilities are charging $35-50 an hour.  If you have a subject that you are strong in, advertise to your friends and family (Facebook is useful for this), co-workers, or even on your neighborhood apps or groups that you are available for tutoring in these subjects.  I personally charge much less than standard rates ($20/hour) and hold the sessions in my own home.  I easily make an extra $20 to $40 in an afternoon without even leaving my home. I recently met a tutor who charges $50-150 an hour, so you could charge more based off of  your location and experience.


Pet-sitting!  As long as you are not allergic to a particular kind of animal, pet-sitting is the way to go.  Pet-sitting is easy because it typically just involves feeding and letting animals out of a cage (and maybe scooping litter if it’s a cat).  I have made an easy $50 a day simply by spending the night at a neighbor’s house when they were out of town.  All I had to do was let the dogs out when needed!


Handy-man/lawn care! I personally am not really “qualified” for these sorts of jobs, as I am not really the handy-man type and I do not know how to properly mow or even start a weed-eater, but my younger brothers and sister have made tons of money helping my neighbors with their landscaping and little things around the house.  At one point, they were making $30 an hour each for a tree removal job after Hurricane Irma, which still was much less than what the homeowners would have paid if their hired a professional company.  Same goes for mowing lawns; if you have a lawn mower, offer to help your neighbors out for a lower rate than the professional companies and you will still most likely be making more than $20 an hour.


Driving! Of course, there are tons of jobs as Uber/Lyft drivers, food/grocery delivery companies, and even for Amazon, but there are so many people who look for drivers to take their kids to or from school.  People often post these jobs on childcare pages or in neighborhood groups!


Babysitting! Childcare is not a field for everybody.  There does tend to be a bias that favors females for childcare positions, but guys can sometimes get these jobs, too!  I wrote a whole post on how to find babysitting jobs, which you can get here.


Smart shopping! Okay, so this “side hustle” really is not a side hustle but a way to make money on something that you probably are already doing: ONLINE SHOPPING!  I love online shopping because it is so incredibly convenient ( and let’s be real, I love getting packages!)  I have started using Ebates* to collect rebates on things that I am already buying online.  I have earned over $9 cashback on three orders that I have made on Christmas shopping!  It is not much, but these small things add up!

* This is NOT sponsored, but the link provided is my referral link, so if you sign up using that link, we both get a little something! You will get $10 for being referred by me and a $10 Walmart gift card simply for signing up!

I hope you have found this post helpful!  Please let me know in the comments how you make money on the side!



  1. Hands up for the queens of side hustles! I love these ideas. I’m definitely going to look into Ebates before I start my belated Christmas shopping.

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  2. Side hassle is a common denominator for many successful people that I know now. there are many opportunities that you can’t know about until you start searching and good luck with your journey to freelance I have been thinking about venturing that route myself.

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