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How to Get Cashback from Ebates

Although I try my best to live a frugal lifestyle, I know few limits when it comes to birthdays and holidays. When I am buying something for somebody else, it is hard to keep the number of presents under wraps.

Today, I am going to share my number one secret weapon. For the past year or so, I have been using this amazing site called Ebates with all of my online shopping. You can earn cashback from Ebates on online purchases at the stores you are already shopping with, such as Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, American Eagle, Macy’s and more. The list goes on.

It may sound fishy and you may be wondering why a company is giving away free money. It’s not fishy. Ebates actually makes commission from each of your purchases and simply shares a cut with you.

Every couple of months, I receive money via PayPal. My Big Fat Check is typically between $20 and $40, but these small amounts add up! Are you ready to learn how you could be making money from Ebates on your next purchase?

Sign up for Ebates today with my referral code and we will each get a sign-up bonus!

How to Use Ebates

So, one of the great things about Ebates is that when you sign up with a referral code from an existing user (hey, there!!) you both get some bonus cashback. This can be stacked with the welcome bonus of $10.

That is right. When you sign up for Ebates and make your first qualifying purchase (of $25 or more) you will be making $20 in sign-up bonuses PLUS the cashback from your purchase.

Ebates also gives you the ability to apply every possible promo code or coupon to your order to cut your costs wherever possible.

Are you ready to make some cashback from Ebates? Here is what you’ve got to do:

  1. Sign up for Ebates with my referral link
  2. Search for the store of your choice
  3. Once you find your store, click “SHOP NOW”
  4. Wait to be redirected to the site that you’ve chosen
  5. Look for a pop-up box that says “__% cashback is now active”
  6. Shop, shop, shop!
  7. Check out as you normally would

In just seven simple steps, you make money on your everyday purchases. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Saving Money with Ebates

Ebates has been such a lovely tool that has helped me to shave down the costs of everything from household items to Christmas presents. The other day, I got $10.70 in cashback from Macy’s when I was doing some Christmas shopping.

That $10.70 is worth almost 4 gallons of gas which gets me about 100 miles in my car. Those few dollars here and there truly add up.

I love that the savings with Ebates doesn’t end at the cashback on purchases. You can earn $25 each time you refer a friend. Ebates also has a feature to let you know about the best coupons and promotions available for the sites you’re browsing.

Ebates has a plug-in for Chrome. If you download this plug-in, you will be notified every time you are on a site that has offers from Ebates. This has helped me to get cashback from places that I was not expecting, such as Expedia!

Although I have not used this feature yet (because I usually stick to online shopping), Ebates allows you to get cashback on instore purchases, as well. Check out their website to learn more about this feature.

Sign Up for Ebates Today

Are you ready to make some money? Ebates is patiently waiting with your generous sign-up bonus. It is time to earn some cashback from Ebates.

Once you sign up for Ebates, I would love to hear which stores you are getting cashback from. Let me know in the comments below!

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