Hello, New York City!


Europa Cafe


Views from the One World observatory


O’hara’s Pub

Ever since I started following Amber Fillerup (Barefoot Blonde) (or maybe it was when I watched Gossip Girl or The Carrie Diaries,) I have been so obsessed with the idea of living in New York City.  I have always been torn between being a farmer and being a big city girl, so I am trying to find a happy medium, but I definitely want to spend some period of my life living in NYC.

Other than the high cost of living and the horribly dirty air, NYC is such a cool place.  There is always something happening, since the city never really sleeps.  I love that the city is very walkable (and subway-able).

Anyway, enjoy the photos from my trip to the Big Apple a couple of weeks ago!

PS: I totally recommend visiting the One World Trade Center! The ridiculous price is worth it!



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