Hey there, everybody! I’m Emily.

The late teens and early twenties are a weird time. You know, navigating college, careers, relationships and a lot of awkward transition periods. It’s a time of fun and freedom, but it is also a great time to grow and learn what the world has in store for you.

As a recent college grad, I am living through these trials and triumphs in real time. Tea Addicts Anonymous is where I share my adventures, express my beliefs, offer advice that I wish somebody had given me and more.

I am a writer and avid traveler with a mild tea addiction, and honestly, I am just getting by, one cup at a time. Quill to Keys Content Writing is my business—my brain child and pride and joy, if you will.

Feel free to browse my collection of messy thoughts of strung together words. I hope that my words and experiences can teach you something little about the world or yourself.  If not, just enjoy my cute pictures and my occasional funny story.