A Mission of Progress

Our mission in the Dominican Republic is a multifaceted operation.  Our main mission is the support of a guardaria, which is essentially a place that serves as a free daycare to preschool age kids and offers them two square meals a day (that they would not receive at home).  I have a million adorable pictures … Continue reading A Mission of Progress

Poverty: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Poverty is not only an abstract concept that is difficult to clearly define and measure, but it is also a dispiriting and physically debilitating condition that developed and prosperous countries are morally obligated to address and mitigate.

The Untold Tales Of A Nanny

Being a babysitter or nanny can be very interesting.  Where there are kids, there are innocent statements and questions that make for a good laugh for adults.  I have been babysitting for about five years now and nannying for about four months.  It is time to share some untold stories and some ridiculous conversations that … Continue reading The Untold Tales Of A Nanny

Letting Go

A couple days ago I went zip lining and it was not enjoyable in the least.  We had three separate lines to zip, followed by a free fall.  Mixing my insane fear of heights and a hatred for feeling like falling led to a terrifying time for me and a great laugh for the guys … Continue reading Letting Go

Those With Nothing

Last night, I was up until nearly 5 AM with crazy thoughts running through my head.  If you know me, you know that my bedtime is 10:20 PM (realistically, like, 11:30 PM).  I am basically a grandma and I have no shame. Last night was truly something else.  I kept praying and praying because that … Continue reading Those With Nothing