The Husband Stitch: Toxic Masculinity in Fairy Tales

An Analysis of Toxic Masculinity in Carmen Machado’s “The Husband Stitch” In one of my classes last fall, we learned a lot about toxic masculinity in fairytales. One story that we read was Carmen Machado’s “The Husband Stitch.” Toxic masculinity is a theme that we dissected in class—a theme that was all too familiar to […]

Doing What Makes Me Happy | Tea Addicts Anonymous

Make up: Alessandra DiSarno / Luna.MuaXO | Photographer: Anton Guzman “Do What Makes You Happy” Since I’ve graduated college a few short months ago, but the words of wisdom that accompany the congratulations haven’t stopped coming. I have heard a few of the same lines over and over again. I am often given some straightforward advice: […]