7 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Everybody close to me knows that tea is my thing, so every special occasion comes with a ton of tea related gifts.

So, in true tea addicts fashion, I have decided to bring you all the ultimate gift guide for tea lovers. 

I have most of these tea things, but there are a few that have caught my eye recently, so I had to share.

Check out these last minute Christmas gifts for the tea lovers in your life.

1. A 2-in-1 Tumbler and Diffuser

Blending and brewing loose leaf tea is a ton of fun, but finding a diffuser that doesn’t leave your tea full of rogue leaves is a challenge. I’ve tried the basket ones, rubber ones and finally a 2-in-1 tumbler and diffuser.

Here are a few that worked well for me!

Bamboo Diffuser

I got this bamboo tea diffuser for my birthday and I am obsessed. The holes on the basket are so small that no leaves make their way into the drink.

It also keeps my tea nice and warm for large amount of time.

Glass Diffuser Tumbler

Glass tea diffusers are great, too! This glass diffuser has the same tight mesh basket as the bamboo diffuser.

2. Cute Mugs

I absolutely love mugs, and I think they are great gifts! Just about everybody uses them, whether it’s for tea, coffee, hot cider or hot chocolate.

Personally, I prefer mugs that are big because I drink many ounces of tea at a time while I work. I usually go for mugs that are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Here are a few of the cutest mugs I’ve found this season.

Boss Babe Mug

Need a gift for your friend who is both a boss babe and a tea connoisseur? This is the mug to get!

Tea Rex Mug

The Ross Geller of your friend group would definitely love a TEA-rex mug.

Tea Lover + Wino Mug

Tea Now Wine Later Coffee Mug Gift Idea Funny Casual Drinker Vino Lover Chardonnay Merlot Riesling Pinot Grigio Present for Wife Girlfriend Mom 11oz Ceramic Tea Cup by Digibuddha DM0153

Tea Now, Wine Later? Yes please! This mug is adorable.

3. Travel Tumbler

The ability to take your tea on the go is a blessing. It’s even better when your tumbler is both well-sealed and able to keep your drink warm.

These are a few of my favorite tumblers.


If you’re a tea addict like me, you probably drink hot tea by the gallon. Okay, maybe not by the gallon, but you get the picture.

I use my 30 ounce Yeti tumbler when I make enough tea to last me a couple hours. It keeps it nice and hot for as long as I need it. Sometime I use my smaller 20 ounce Yeti if I don’t need quite as much tea.


Tervis 1217221 Watercolor Pineapples Tumbler with Wrap and Turquoise Lid 24oz, Clear

Tervis tumblers are amazing. I have a couple that have lasted me about five years so far. They are great for both hot and cold drinks.

4. A Variety of Teas

When it comes to tea flavors, my taste is pretty straight forward. I like green and mint the best, but I wouldn’t pass up a ginger blend or some dandelion.

What better gift for a tea lover than some tea itself?

If your friend is a long-time tea drinker, you should probably get them their favorite flavor or something close to it. If they are just getting started

Tea Forte Assorted Box Set

This assorted tea box has a few winter flavor samplers. This is great for those who love ginger, chai and fruity flavors.

Happy Tummy Tea

I got this Happy Tummy digestion tea a few months back, and I absolutely love it. When I saw the name, I thought it was some sort of “lose 15 pounds in 3 days” sort of detox drink, but it’s not.

It has ginger, mint and other herbs that are blended to fix an upset stomach or help with your digestion when you’re overly fully. Plus, it tastes so good!

I bring this with me when I travel because my stomach gets really weird when I fly.

Mint Tea Bundle

It is an amazing flavor because it’s subtle and refreshing. It is also very good for digestion. This mint tea bundle is an amazing gift for any tea lover.

5. Electric Tea Pot

So, I don’t have an electric tea kettle, but I absolutely love them. When I was in Thailand, my Airbnb had an electric tea kettle and it was the biggest blessing.

I’ve used some different ones at some different houses, but these are the ones I’ve found that have great reviews.

PS: If you need a Christmas present for me, this is a good one!!

Matte Black Tea Pot

I’m OBSESSED with this tea pot’s design. It looks so sleek and clean. I’d love to have this one!

Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control Stainless Steel 1.7 L Tea Kettle, BPA-Free Hot Water Boiler Cordless with LED Light, Auto Shut-Off, Boil-Dry Protection, Keep Warm, 1500W Fast Boiling, 120V

This stainless steel kettle has really great reviews. It holds almost 2 liters of water, which is perfect for binge drinkers like me!

6. Traditional Tea Pot

You can’t have tea without a kettle! Well, you can make it with a Keurig or the microwave, but it doesn’t brew the same.

If you want to go with a traditional tea pot over the electric tea pot, I have some options for you!

Glass Tea Pot

Hiware 1000ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser, Stovetop Safe Tea Kettle, Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea Maker Set

This glass tea pot is stove top safe and has a built in diffuser. It is also under $30 so it makes the perfect gift!

Ceramic Tea Pot

This ceramic tea pot has a sweet and simple design. It comes with two little cups and a fine mesh diffuser!

It would look cute in any kitchen!

7. Tea Lover “Accessories”

The tea, kettles, mugs and more are great, but sometimes you want to get something a little more fun!

Here are some of my favorite quirky tea accessories.

Tea Socks

Fun socks are always a good idea. Aren’t these tea socks the cutest?

Spoon Holder

Teaspoon Rest, MINI Ceramic Spoon Rest with Rainbow Heart in Cream

This spoon holder is absolutely adorable. It is from Amazon’s handmade shop which allows artists and artisans to make and sell their work, which is also really cool.

Tea Spoon

Who could pass up a cute little tea spoon? This gift could serve as both a practical tool and cute decor.

Let’s Get Drinking

I hope this post has given you some direction in the gift giving department. Any of these gifts would be perfect for your favorite tea lover.

If you’re a tea lover, treat yo’self this Christmas!

Happy drinking. 😉


This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission from anything you buy. But don’t worry! My commission comes at no extra cost to you. This is what helps me keep this blog and other passion projects up and running. Thank you for your support!



  1. I absolutely love this blog. Not only was it good reading, but great on the ideas for anyone just getting started drinking tea! This is the perfect time of year to be sipping on a warm cup of tea. Around the Christmas tree with guests or watching tv by the fireplace. Especially with the cold weather upon us. Warms our souls!!! Sip on☕️


  2. I am a tea lover and my fav is lavender tea but willing to try and explore different teas.
    Very nicely written and relatable post. I am glad I came across your blog just randomly and so happy with your post topics. Already followed for future posts.
    As I have lost my job due to this pandemic like most other people, I started blogging as my full-time job during this lockdown. I would be happy if you can give your Genuine feedback on my content. Thanks

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