Jumping into the Roaring 20s

Emily Krings | Travel Content Writer | Lifestyle Blog

It is New Years Eve Eve, and I’m bracing myself for the hundreds of “New Year, New Me” posts and all of the “I don’t need a new year to change myself because time is a social construct” posts.

Like everything, the masses are quite torn about the New Year’s resolution deal. Honestly, I am also quite torn. 

I think taking the initiative to change is amazing, but I also don’t think you need a new year to do so. On the same token, I set a lot of my goals with timed deadlines, so I reevaluate at the end of every month (and sometimes weekly, depending on the nature and magnitude of the goal).

Naturally, the New Year is when I’d be setting my January goals, so I often take the opportunity to see what I want from the whole year.

This New Years marks the start of a new decade, which again is only as valuable as you make it.

Honestly, I am really excited about reflecting, reevaluating and setting big goals for 2020. I do this often, but I am taking advantage of this “fresh start.”


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Looking Back

I’ve seen tons of “10 years ago vs. now” posts on Facebook over the past month, and it really got me thinking of how much has changed in the past decade.

I was 12 for most of 2010. That August my family moved to Florida and we started a brand new life. All of my awkward high school years are frozen in this decade. So are the growing pains that came with college.

This past decade has literally been half of my life, so hitting these milestones is not out of the ordinary. But the past year has been major for me. 

I’ve challenged myself in many new ways. Fears have been faced and conquered. I am honestly proud of what I’ve accomplished over the past year.

Reflecting on the past allows me to see what has and has not worked in all areas of my life so that I can make the proper changes to excel in the future.

Going Forward

I’ve always been a super goal oriented, and I like to break my goals down into very specific timeframes. Up until recently, my goals were defined by fall semester, spring semester and summer.

Since I’ve graduated, I’ve transitioned into setting goals by quarter. This year, I decided to set large annual goals and break them down into small monthly goals.

I’ve spent the past month coming up with my new goals and plans to reach them. Honestly, goal setting is so exciting to me. I have an entire color coded goal journal.

While setting my goals, I thought a lot about the future. I’m at the point in my life where things are changing so quickly. I have yet to settle down and go through all of those life changes, but I’m always in a different place.

I’m so interested so see where I’m at when 2030 rolls in. One of my favorite things about this site is that it’s creating a log of all of my thoughts, photos and experiences that I’ll be able to look back on for many years to come.

My arms are open to another year of good times, great memories and lots of success.

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2020 Goals

I have quite a few goals for this year and I wanted to share them for two reasons: 1. perhaps you have a similar goal or 2. maybe you could help me reach this goal!

I’m also posting as a way to hold myself accountable. Some of my goals are a bit more personal, so I’ll keep those to myself, but here are some of my 2020 goals!

  1. Increase Pinterest traffic to Tea Addicts Anonymous and Passport and a Pen
  2. Make $1000 off of affiliate sales
  3. Get 30% more views on Tea Addicts Anonymous
  4. Post weekly on both blogs
  5. Create monthly blog posts for Quill to Keys (and set up the blog on the site)
  6. Increase my Instagram following on @emilykrings by 50%
  7. Do one free guest post a month on other travel blogs and business blogs
  8. Reach my savings goal for a down payment on a condo (to buy next year)
  9. Cross more adventures off my 30 Before 30 list
  10. Reduce my meat consumption (2 to 3 vegetarian days a week!)
  11. Read one book a month
  12. Make significant progress on my passion project

The goals on this list are super general, but in my handy-dandy goal journal I’ve defined them much more clearly, and I don’t want to bore you all with the math and strategies that I’m using to accomplish each of them.

What are you going to accomplish in the new year?


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  1. Of course we all have some goals we would like to set. I’ve never been one to physically use a journal. My goals are usually are set in my mind with great intentions. I have found with having too many goals comes some disappointing outcome. Of course that’s just me. Basically, I like to have the list that needs done and the extras fall where they may. But you’re definitely stead fast as you have proven in the past. Keep up the great work. I love reading your writings.


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