Meet Bad Bad!

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Meet the cutest cat in the whole entire world.  (Maybe I am a little biased, but whatever.) Bad Bad seems to have the blood of a Russian Blue mixed with another breed, but we cannot know for sure.  Her name used to be Alaska (inspired by John Green’s Looking For Alaska), but she misbehaved so much as a kitten that she only answered when we would say “NO! BAD!”

The story of how Bad Bad became my first fur-baby is a touching one.  In the last week of my sophomore year of high school, I kept seeing pictures of this beautiful kitten on my social media timelines.  I inquired and found out that a biology teacher in my school had taken her and a sibling in after they were found (with a dead mother, I believe).  Since it was the last week of school, we had study days between final exam day and I hated going to these study days since we did nothing.  I asked one of my friends if she could bring the cat to me if I made her some homemade peanut butter and she came through!

My mom was not home when I got my special delivery and I was able to hide the cat for about five hours.  When my mom got home, I was so excited that I brought the cat to show her.  She asked whose cat it was and I told her it was mine.  My dad caught on too and told me I had a week to get rid of her before she would be out on the streets.  After just a few days, he warmed up to the cat, and she was officially a member of the family.

Bad Bad is now three years old and spends her days terrorizing the dogs.  She perches on chairs and waits for them to come by and sometimes attacks.  She has caused a lot of trouble throughout the years.

One of the craziest things my cat-child has done was stealing seven of my little brother’s goldfish and hiding them all around the house.  She once stole his baby turtle from its tank and we found the shell about a month later.  She also loves to give me half-alive cockroaches as gifts, which I do NOT appreciate.

I have gone through so many cats in my life (more on that another time), but Bad Bad is for sure my favorite one ever!


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