New England As The Leaves Change


We had a great BBQ dinner at a little place called Smoking With Chris!  There was even live music (which is always a good time.)
Check out the super cute fur coat my mom made! Stay tuned for pictures of the cute fur shawl that she made as well! (No animals were harmed in the making of his coat.)


We went to another super cute bar for appetizers called Dew Drop Inn.  The food was absolutely delicious! 


There were nine of us so our portions were reeeeeaallly small (sad, I know).  But we had mozzarella sticks, wings, chicken tenders, and their famous “frips!” (Fry + Chip = Frip)


I went to mass in Polish at St. Michael the Archangel Parish in CT.  I do not speak a word of Polish, so good thing I have the entire mass memorized! 

I absolutely love New England and have dreamed of living there (or NYC but that’s basically part of it) since I was little.  My dad is from Connecticut, so when we lived in Pennsylvania, we used to visit every couple of months.  Now that I live in Florida, I am lucky to make it up once a year.

I spent the past weekend in Connecticut with my family and it was so much fun! We spent a lot of time with family who still lives up there, went on some (short) walks through the woods, froze our butts off, and ate a ton of food. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Great pics of our fantastic State! And just an aside, while NYC IS up north, it’s not considered part of New England 😊 I’m a bit of a lover of history and geography, so I had to make mention. Have a great day Emily! 😘

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