It was the year 2100…

For one of my World Civilization assignments at school, I had to write a little sci-fi piece as if I was a historian in the year 2100.  My essay has a bit of a neo-imperialism thing.  I truly dramatized an issue that is important to me with the hopes of it being read.  Obviously, most of this piece is made up, but the few citations are from facts that have been published elsewhere.

Up until thirty years ago, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States of America had been rising at a rate that is quite proportional and healthy according to the rate of inflation, but the GDP per capita had been on a steady decline.  GDP per capita is defined by the gross domestic product divided by the population. This decline was the result of a massive population growth caused by the US Government’s conquer (purchase) of many poor countries throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America.  The United States conquered these countries so that all of the natural resources, namely food products such as livestock, coffee, rice, and sugarcane, would be controlled by the owners of the large corporations and monopolies that had great influence on the US Government.

It was around the 1970s when the gap between the rich and poor in the United States began to widen. There had been shift from the rich inheriting their wealth to the rich earning their wealth (The Economist).  The gap expanded because of a lack of compassion, and almost even a blame, on the poor. This increasing inequality followed a double decade period of a much narrower gap between the rich and poor (The Economist).  The growing gap was sparked by a series of oil shocks in 1973 (The Economist). The gap truly began to grow at the turn of the decade into the 80s (The Economist).

Fast forward a few decades to when corporation owner and former President of the United States, Donald Trump, proposes a tax plan that gives tax cuts to the rich.  Being a multi-billionaire, Mr. Trump’s family alone received millions of US Dollars in tax cuts.  His wealth today would amount to over four quadrillion US Dollars.  This was all part of a model that the rich capitalists swore by called the piss-down system, formerly known as the trickle-down system.  The idea was that if the rich had more expendable income, they would be spending more and eventually the money would be in the pockets of all of those with lower incomes.  This did not quite work out.

Barron Trump, the youngest son of Donald Trump and the 52nd US President, was the one who signed the documents to make Cheelay, formerly known as the South American country Chile, the 98th and final united state of America.  The Federal Government had been bought out by Donald Trump and some of his business associates and was transitioned into a plutocracy.  Even for a couple decades after this small group of wealthy men had officially owned all of the Western hemisphere except Canada, the gap between the rich and poor continued to widen, but casualties by limited.

By the year 2070, the poor really began to take a hit in all communities that were previously inhabited by middle and low class throughout all 98 states.  Now that all food supplies throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and South America were completely controlled by the United States Governmental Corporations, these already impoverished areas were declining at a rapid pace.  The population of all but the most beautiful tourist destinations were nearly completely wiped out.  Previous inhabitants of the 20th century America often were forced to migrate to these newer states to replace those who had worked in the fields to harvest the crops and raise the livestock.

By the middle of the 21st century, even before the purchases of the last 48 states, it was clear that these countries were in rough shape.  The American people knew of the poverty-stricken nations and did nothing to help them.  They watched as the plutocracy exploited these people for their land and labor up until the death toll had reached over 750 million. They knew of their fellow American neighbors who lived in substandard conditions, but continued to indulge in extravagant luxuries until they too were hit with the poverty stick.

Imagine, if only more awareness had been brought to the issues surrounding poverty and if children were educated on these horrors rather than shielded from them, maybe the Western Hemisphere would be prosperous and teeming with life.  If only values of compassion and caring were ingrained in the society, rather than greed, gluttony, and ungratefulness. The effects of poverty very likely could have been reversed, but now it is just too late.

The end was near.


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