An Uncommon Gift Guide


Raise your hand if you have received a present from me before and it was socks?  Many of you probably have not received a present from me (other than my wise witty words), but if you have, socks were most likely incorporated in the gift.  I love giving gifts.  Gift giving is one thing that I do tend to splurge on.

I have recently discovered an excellent gift company that not only has some cool products, but upholds some great ethical values that align with my own.  Lately, I have been getting more and more involved with environmental issues and looking for solutions.  It is so common to see companies taking shortcuts to sell their products for very cheap and still make money by exploiting both our precious world and many workers throughout the world.

This company, Uncommongoods, prides itself on its mission to incorporate sustainability in every aspect of their work.  They are mindful of the environment and the community.  They have a strict no-animal-product policy and use as much recycled and upcycled materials as they can. I found it really interesting that their suppliers are different artists and small scale manufacturers.  I think working with small business owners is phenomenal!  There is even an option to filter out products not made in the US when searching for the perfect gift.

I was able to find some super cute things for almost everybody on my shopping list.  It was very difficult to hold myself back from buying 700 items. Check out what I got!

I picked out these adorable California roll socks for my little brother who loves sushi.  I saw a different type of sushi socks and added them to my cart.  A few minutes later into my browsing I saw these ones (which were on sale so that’s a win-win) and added them immediately! They are a very reasonable size and made from a comfortable material, which are two things that are often hard to tell when buying socks online.  I ended up giving the socks to him right away because I was so excited that I couldn’t wait until Christmas. (Even my cat was excited about the socks. She photobombed my picture!)

Okay, so I may have bought a gift or two for myself since my birthday was coming up (the package actually arrived on my birthday, which added extra joy to the day).  I bought these omelette socks because they encompass two of my favorite things: breakfast and cheesy socks! I absolutely love them!

Honestly, do I even need an explanation for these ones? This brand, K. Bell, seemed to have the coolest socks that Uncommon goods sells.  The only issue was that they are man sized so I felt compelled to get them for my older brother, rather than for myself.  To shop for more cool socks and items like this, check out Uncommongoods’ men’s collection.


When I saw this, I knew I had to get it for my mom, who is huge avocado fan.  Avocados brown so quickly and this “avocado hugger” cover avocados of various shapes and sizes in order to preserve them longer! This product is said to be more effective than wrapping the cut avocado in plastic wrap!

This may very well be the item that I am most excited to use.  As I have mentioned, I LOVE BREAKFAST. Breakfast in the morning…brunch…breakfast for dinner! I have attempted to use cookie cutters to shape my eggs but have never been successful, so when I saw this, I knew that I needed to get it!  For more presents like this, check out <a rel="noskim" Uncommongoods’ gifts for her collection.

Remember a few years ago when paying it forward was a big deal? Why did that fizzle out? This gift is a card game that encourages players to complete an act of kindness then pass the playing card onto a friend or stranger! The deck of cards comes with a unique code so that all cards can be tracked as long as whomever they were passed along to checks in to the website.  I think this little game is really cool and I cannot wait to play on some of the trips that I am going on in the next two months! Other nifty gifts like this can be found in <a rel="noskim" Uncommongoods’ gifts for everybody collection!

I hope you all check out this great company since the holiday season is approaching fast and online shopping is a great alternative to beat the holiday rush in the malls!

Please leave comments below letting me know what you think about some of the items I received and tell me if you see anything cool on their website that you’ll be adding to your Christmas list!



  1. You always seem to find the “off the beaten path” stuff. Pap pap’s great grandmother (Mozie)was just like that back in the day. Maybe nothing to modern, but back in those days a cupcake carrier was unique. She would buy everyone something that just suited them perfectly. I think you are following her ways. A good trend!!! Keep up the good writing. I usually read them each night. 😘 love you, Gigi Proud to be your grandmother!!

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