Florence & Cortona | Tea Addicts Anonymous


We found the cutest record store in Florence


Florence was such a cool city! There were so many young people. This is another city that I want to go back to. Our breakfast at La Milkeria was sooo good!

Tuscany as a whole was beautiful. The day after I was in Florence with my friends, the entire group headed back up to Cortona to see a where my professor has a home. That town was so neat, too.

My friend Olivia and I had a little fun in this town. We spotted a strange looking woman who was dressed in all black and muttering things to herself. She reminded us of a girl that we both know who claims to be a witch, so we did some investigative work. We slyly trailed her through a few stores, but we didn’t draw any conclusions aside from the fact that she was a local (based on her dialect). A normal person would probably not consider that fun, but it gave us a half hour of laughter and excitement.

While we were in Tuscany, we headed over to Perugia. We did a tour of the Perugina chocolate factory (where they produce Bacci chocolates) and we were given a ton of free samples!! I think the free chocolate was he highlight of that day trip.

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