Drawdown: Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Paul Hawken’s Drawdown

It has been a while since I have written anything for my Ethics with Em series which is strange because I have so many topics to cover in that area!  I took a very inspiring environmental ethics class last semester which really opened my eyes to a million issues.  I was particularly inspired by a post written by one of my first childhood friends that I decided that reminded me that I want to share a book that we used in the environmental ethics class.

reservoir in the dominican republic used to supply aqueducts for hydroelectricity

Project Drawdown

Drawdown, by Paul Hawken, is a book that takes a new approach to global warming and climate change.  Many scientists just go on and on about how climate change is affecting us (and will really affect us in the future) but Hawken takes a positive and refreshing approach: he gives solutions.

Something I am working on in my life is becoming a more solution-oriented person, so an easy-to-read book (with super cool pictures) that gives dozens of solutions to a very real problem is right up my alley.  The solutions vary from steps that can be taken by individuals, large organizations or both.

Drawdown’s Top Global Warming Solutions

Hawken presents each solution with a ranking based on cost efficiency and the difference it will make in relation to carbon emissions by the year 2050.  Here are some of his solutions:

  • wind turbines
  • solar farms
  • rooftop solar
  • methane digesters
  • urban gardens
  • waste-to-energy
  • plant-rich diet
  • farmland restoration
  • reduced food waste
  • composting
  • green roofs
  • walkable cities
  • forest protection
  • household recycling
  • alternative cement

Over the next few weeks (months?) I am going to write more about some of these solutions that are very practical and effective.

Check out my post on urban gardening!

Repairing Our Earth for a Greener Tomorrow

I decided to keep this book after the semester (it was rented and they only charged me $3 to keep it!) because it honestly contains such a wealth of knowledge. The book is less than $16 on Amazon.

Even if you do not believe in climate change or you say that there is no way that global warming is real because of the cold temperatures the entire country has been experiencing, these solutions are often useful in conserving non-renewable resources that will not be around forever.

There is no harm in putting a little extra effort to conserve our precious resources.





  1. We would like to get solar panels for our home, yet, between the cost of the solar panels and the regulations of the electric company, they make it so difficult. I do, however, love my child and hope that Earth continues to be a good place to live for him and his children. I do not know what methane digesters are, yet I am heading to Google right now to find out.

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