Ethics With Em: Feminism


A few weeks ago, I made a post talking about the “right reasons” for doing mission work, helping others, etc.  I included an excerpt from a journal that I had written for an Ethics class last semester.  

After reading back through my journal, I realized that I really liked some of the things that I wrote and that I want to share some of the entries.  The topics range from the moral duty to help others to different views on touchy subjects, such as abortion and assisted suicide. 

I am going to post them as a mini-series called Ethics With Em.  The entries typically contain my opinions and stances on topics that were presented to me and will occasionally be more of a tangent off of other topics (such as this post).  Some posts will contain facts and ideas of others and credit/citation will be given to original authors.  The entry in this post on feminism, as well as several other future posts, contains sensitive content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

– – –

I believe that society gives many feminist movements such a negative image.  I completely understand many of the core values and objectives of feminism, but there are some areas that are often categorized as “feminist issues” that I do not agree with.  I do agree that women should never have to face discrimination based on their sexuality. I feel that women should have equal rights to men worldwide.

Females have made leaps and bounds towards equality in the US but this is not necessarily the case in many other places.  I feel that the Women’s Marches held around our country recently have taken a different approach to feminism than I would personally.  I saw many signs posted on social media from these marches that kind of made me roll my eyes.  One of these signs said “GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUNdamental rights.”  Men and women both have fundamental rights under the constitution.  As Americans, we all have the rights to life, liberty, and property.

There were so many signs about girls complaining about being called derogatory names such as “whiny b*tches.” I completely agree that it is not nice to call people mean names under any circumstances, but there are much bigger women’s rights issues that we should be worrying about.  I am not going to complain about being called a “b*tch” when there are young girls being forced into prostitution by their fathers and brothers or being sold by their parents as sex slaves.  I am not going to complain about a silly man calling me a mean name when there are girls who are not allowed be educated past elementary school in the middle east and at least one brave girl, Malala, having her face shot off when she tries to speak out about it.

I have met an 11 year old prostitute (in the Dominican Republic.)  This little girl is pimped out by her 16 year old brother, just as her older sisters and mother were by the father.  This little girl has not even finished going through puberty, yet she is having unsafe sex with strangers.  She does not know about STDs or the risk of pregnancy.  She just knows that she better be bringing money home to her family every night or she will get a beating.

Who is fighting for her rights? Where is the sign for that?

– – –

Since I wrote this, my opinions have changed a little bit.  I have come to recognize that I am more oppressed that I thought.  There are issues (like the ERA not being passed) that I have just learned about that have changed how I think.  Going forward, I plan to write more about these issues.  I have a feeling it will push people away for my blogs since I have a lot of conservative and anti-feminist followers, but I have made a promise to myself to be candid and uncut with my blog so I will stay true to that.


9 thoughts on “Ethics With Em: Feminism

  1. Kerri says:

    Oh my gosh. I can’t wrap my mind around a child being forced into such a thing because that turns my stomach so much! The fact that someone who hasn’t fully developed her brain, her body, and life experience is forced into something like this is heartbreaking. People need to look at the bigger picture! Children who have no voice to speak up in their life. Thank you for bringing this subject to life! It isn’t an easy one at all to read, but it needs to be known.

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  2. Lori says:

    I think lately the term Feminist has been twisted into meaning something different especially with recent events such as the election. It has become very cool and trendy to call oneself a Feminist and proclaim that you hate men and emulate other cultures fashion “in support of women”. Many of these “Feminists” I believe are following without a clear understanding of what they are supporting. They have not had the opportunity to see the lives of women in other cultures and developing nations. I believe true Feminism supports equality of sexes and the strengths and accomplishments of women AND men fighting for the rights of women and girls especially in situations that you talk about. It is about educating others who are not aware and fighting for women’s and girls rights in a way that matters and makes a difference. Thank you for doing that Emily.

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  3. L.weyland says:

    The side of the feminist movement that the media has shown especially as of late is a very, very neo-liberal, sugar-coated side of the movement so it is understandable when people have a distaste for it. However, there are many many feminists who fight for women here in the United States and for women around the world, like the young women in the Dominican republic, there are many organizations that make that very evident. And yes, while everyone has rights under the Constitution, there is still systematic inequality that harms a percentage of the country in many facets of their lives.

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  4. Durrant's Divulging says:

    Wow, I am loving this post well done Hun!
    I think you have hit the nail on the head! There are things in this world which are indescribably disgusting and no human being should have to live a life like it or go through it and then issues which aren’t issues at all !! If I had complained about all the names I have ever been called …. jeez !
    Who cares I am a big girl and that isn’t a feminist issue !
    Obviously we all have different views and opinions and that’s ok ! But come on ! Let’s care about the real issues not just playground bullshit that we grew out of years ago xxx
    100% spot on !
    Em xx (Durrant’s Divulging)

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