Why Every Person Must Read “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg

Do you want to know how many business books that I’ve read and enjoyed? Not many. But there is one that I absolutely loved.

Last year, one of the moms that I babysat for recommended a book that she said reminded her of me. When she handed me her copy of The Go-Giver to read, I was very excited. Many people had recommended this book to me before.

I went home and read the book cover to cover in less than two hours. This book gave me so much validation. It totally aligned with how I live my life on both personal and business levels. 

When I finished, I was convinced that every person who wants to be successful in any aspect of life must read this book. I texted at least twenty people to recommend it. I ordered a copy for everybody in my family to read and even sent money to some friends so that they could order their own copies. 

Maybe you think I am crazy or maybe you are intrigued as to what made this book so good that I would push it so vehemently. 

What Could Possibly be so Great About The Go-Giver?

This book tells the narrative of a cranky guy who is not passionate about or doing well at his job. He notices how carefree and successful one of his coworkers seems to be and he asks what the deal is. The coworker sends him on a journey with a very successful business man who shares Five Laws to Stratospheric Success. 

While I may sound dramatic in my ranting and raving about this book, I promise you, I am not. Many people have an eye-opening experience with this book as it is business advice that they have never heard before because most of it truly sounds ridiculous. 

Personally, this book gave me such a sense of relief. It reassured me that my approach to business, and life in general, would prove to be more lucrative than some negative people had previously indicated to me.

The Go-Giver showed me that trusting, giving and serving others with genuinely kind intentions will propel you towards success. Even though many people enjoy wallowing over negativity, people will thrive on positivity and genuine intentions.

This book is really different than many business books because of the way the information is presented. It is told as a story that is easy to relate to and digest.

Buy The Go-Giver On Amazon

What Are the Five Laws to Stratospheric Success?

So, you’re probably wondering about those Five Laws to Stratospheric Success.

Well, I am not going to spoil that, because you will have to read the book. However, I will fill you in on one secret: the key to success is giving. 

You will never go anywhere in life unless you give selflessly. You will not be successful until you contribute something positive to this world. Without good intentions, you’re honestly not likely to go anywhere. Strive to add value to those around you.

These laws are very straightforward but not commonly applied. Many successful people tend to follow these laws naturally, but you’ll

Get a Copy for Yourself

I am not joking around when I say you need this book for yourself. I absolutely love it and think everybody would benefit from the read.

The Go-Giver is easy to get your hands on. You can grab a paperback copy on Amazon for $12. You can also find the hardcover at Barnes & Noble for $22.

You will not regret this investment.

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