Stop “Sending Hugs and Prayers” | Tea Addicts Anonymous

Today we are going to talk a bit about the insignificance of words (read: Facebook comments) without action.

We’re going to talk about a Facebook comment we’ve all seen way too often: “Sending hugs and prayers.”

Or even better, a whole prayer typed out in the comments. Or some other version of “hugs and prayers.”

These comments are usually posted under posts announcing death, illness, hardship or some other type of attention seeking post. Sometimes there is a call to action asking for prayers or some sort of financial support.

As a person who truly believes in the power of prayer, I find these comments both ignorant and insulting. They show a huge disconnect.

Whoever is posting this probably does need prayers, and I’m definitely not denying the importance of praying for these intentions. But you’ve got to do more than make the infamous comment.

Pray for these people when you go to church or pray the rosary or whenever you take time to be with God. God probably sees that Facebook comment but I’d say he wants to have a one-on-one conversation rather than learning about your prayer on social media.

The purpose of this post is not to insult your internet prayers or guess what God expects from you. I’m asking you to do more.

When your friend posts that she’s lost her father, send a card or give her a call.

When your aunt says her son has lost his job, offer to bring them dinner or help in whatever capacity you can.

When there is a large scale tragedy, donate to a GoFundMe to support the families affected or use your voice to demand change.

Stop posting your superficial “prayers” on Facebook because they are good for just about nothing. Take the time to pray. Take the time to make a difference.

The funny thing is the same people who offer their prayer comments are usually the ones who whine about the degradation of society because of technology, social media and the like. Do you realize that you’re equally as guilty when you minimize your support for “friends and family” to a Facebook comment?

Instead of the generic comment you’re about to type, take a second to let the poster know that you’re there if you need them and really be there.

Support your friends. Support each other. Make an effort to make a difference.

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