Target Dollar Rack Impulse Buys

“Hello, my name is Emily and I am addicted to Target.”

Yes, it’s true.  I am guilty of spending copious amounts of money at Target.  I am usually one to avoid impulse buys but every once in awhile I will alot $10 for frivolous spending in the Target dollar section.  (Maybe it is not an impulse buy if I budget for it?)  It is so hard to avoid those three or four mini aisles of aesthetically pleasing goodness.

I have purchased many packs of stationery materials, cards, dish towels, candles, and a million other cute things from these little racks.  In my pre-budget days, I regularly took “treat yo’ self” a little too far.

Until today, after my latest Target rampage, I did not know the company that creates most of the knick-knacks in this section.  I never paid close attention to the packaging or branding until I saw an Instagram symbol on the back, prompting customers to check them out on social media.

The company that produces the dollar rack goods is called Made for Retail.  Made for Retail designs stationery, DIY supplies, seasonal decor/kitchen supplies, and more! They sell their collections at Target, Five Below, and a few dollar stores.

I got some ADORABLE things today to help me organize my 2018 planner (I know…I am ahead of the game) and some things just for fun! Here is what I got:

Magnetic Bookmarks


I have been looking for something small like this to keep my place in my new planner since it does not have month tabs like my old one! These bookmarks clip right on and are super thin!

Greeting Cards


love greeting cards so much. My love language is sending cards and letters.  Anytime I see a cute card set, I pick up a package to keep my collection diverse! There were 8 cards in each pack for only $1.

Page Flags


I am constantly writing notes, whether it be for class, my budget, my planner, or just one of the 3 little idea notebooks I carry with me.  I spend so much time paging through to find my place.  Sometimes I use sticky notes but they are often too big and cover up more space than I need.  These little page flags are adorable and just what I needed.



Festive socks for $1.  Must I say more?  In addition to the adult halloween socks, they had ADORABLE little girl socks.  I had to hold myself back from getting 100 pairs.


So there you have it, I am a tea addict and a Target addict.  Leave a comment below if you are a Target addict and let me know the best dollar rack purchases you have made!



PS: My planner is from Orange Circle Studio but I bought it on Amazon a few months ago (for half the price that it is now)!


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