FAQ | Moving to the Dominican Republic

As you may know, I will be moving to the Dominican Republic next summer where I will be serving the community as a teacher. While the details are still being worked out, I have been too excited to keep this news in any longer. I have noticed that most people are asking the same questions so I figured that I would provide a little FAQ post to eliminate the confusion. If anybody has a curiosity that this does not satisfy, I would love to chat and explain more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Wait…do you speak spanish?? 

A: I almost completely understand the language. I get nervous speaking, but I am sure I will get by just fine after a couple weeks.


Q: How long are you going for?

A: At least from June until November. I will come home for Christmas and decide if I am going to stay in Florida or go back to the DR.


Q: But what about your boyfriend? / What does your boyfriend think about this?

A: My boyfriend will still be in school and he is very supportive and happy for me. For more information, please see this post.


Q: Well, aren’t you scared of [insert a lot of awful things here]?

A: Of course I am scared, but life would be kinda pointless if I stayed in my comfort zone all of the time. Moving to a rough area of a third world country has its risks but I am taking many precautions to ensure my safety.


Q: Where will you live?

A: I will be living with somebody that is involved in the guardaria that my church funds. Most likely, I will be staying with somebody who I have stayed with on past trips, so we already know each other!


Q: Will you be paid?

A: I will be paid in love and hugs.


Q: What are you going to do about money if you aren’t getting paid?

A: I am hoping to continue writing and if that isn’t enough, I will live off of my savings. I will not be fundraising for my own living expenses, but if you are so inclined to help, check out the next question.


Q: How can I help?

A: Check back in coming months because I will be working on a drive for school supplies! Monetary donations are always welcome because I am sure there will always be somebody who needs something (food, clothes, transportation, etc.).

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