Poverty: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

People always ask me what I will do with a degree in Global Studies with minors in Literature and Philosophy.  I am often told that I am far too intelligent for such an easy course of study and I am wasting my potential.  I should be a doctor or go into business and make money with my brains, according to so many people that I know.  To some I am a disappointment.  No matter what anybody else thinks, I am very confident and secure in my area of study and I have high expectations for my future which I am sure I will reach.

I am writing this post today to demonstrate an example of something that I will be doing with my degree, and that is providing research and information to expose issues that are ignored many people in this world.  I want to give importance to people who are seen as unimportant.  I want to make this world a better place.

I have put many weeks worth of work into this piece that I am sharing with you now.  It is called Poverty: The Effects and a Moral Obligation to Help Others.  It is a compilation of both my personal experience and other established research on the negative effects and solutions to poverty in third world countries, primarily, the Dominican Republic.

To view this document as a downloadable PDF that includes all proper citations, please click HERE.

I have also broken the paper into parts to make it easier to read.  This option of viewing will not include citations, so if there are questions as to where data was pulled from, please refer to the previous link.

Here are links to each section in the easy-to-read format:


The Effects of Poverty on health and education

The Effects of Poverty on prosperity

The Earth Charter and Human Rights

A Moral Obligation


– – –

I am very proud of this piece, as it took many weeks to complete and I feel that the message of this essay is one that needed to be delivered.  Writing six thousand words (that actually made sense) was much harder than I had imagined.

The research portion of this writing process has taught me that there is a need for research in this field, which may be something I would like to work on after graduation.

I would love to hear feedback on the information presented.  Where there any anecdotes or facts that were shocking or interesting? Do humans have a moral obligation to help others?  What rights should humans have? Please feel free to start a dialogue in the comments below or start a conversation with me via email!

Please, go out and make an effort to make a difference in whatever capacity you are able.  Please donate to poverty relief organizations, pray for those affected, or simply share this post with a friend to spread awareness.  I am only one human, but with the help of my peers, I will make a difference.



  1. First of all, good for you. You are not letting other people define you, and you are taking what you believe is the path for you. It is an admirable path, as well. No, I do not think that humans have an obligation to help others. We are given free will to decide what we want to do. Before you get me wrong, though, I do believe that people should choose to help others. Compassion is part of humanity. Unfortunately, indifference exists, too, and compassion often gets stifled. As for human rights…that could take days to discuss. There are people without potable water or food to eat, and there are other people focused on if they have the “right” to have a free cell phone. It is sad that these even have to be questions.

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